Dinniman Responds to Announcement that Sikorsky Plant in Coatesville is Staying Open

Dinniman Responds to Announcement that Sikorsky Plant in Coatesville is Staying Open

WEST CHESTER, PA – State Senator Andy Dinniman responded to the announcement that Lockheed Martin plans to keep the Sikorsky plant in Coatesville, Pennsylvania open.

“As State Senator representing Chester County, I, of course, celebrate the combined efforts to keep Sikorsky open, however, the lack of details surrounding this deal is concerning, especially when so many family-supporting jobs are on the line,” Dinniman said.

“It is important to remember that much of the helicopter industry was developed in Chester County and that is the primary reason why the nationally recognized American Helicopter Museum and Educational Center is located in West Chester.  In fact, the current Lockheed Martin plant was originally Keystone Helicopter, which was a long-time Chester County company.

“To ensure the sustainability of this plant, I will continue my work with the officials on all levels including the Governor’s Action Team and Commonwealth Departments responsible for economic development to implement long-term strategies that protect our Chester County workforce and the rich history of the helicopter industry in our area.”

Dinniman continued, “While, for the moment, it appears Sikorsky workers are protected, the strength of our region is reliant on a healthy and robust workforce.  I view this announcement as simply the beginning of a comprehensive process, and I plan on continuing this conversation into the future to ensure Sikorsky’s temporary stay is permanent.”

For more information, contact Don Vymazal in Senator Dinniman’s office, [email protected].

Source: Andrew E. Dinniman (D), Pennsylvania State Senate, Senate District 19

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