AGSD School Board Unanimously Consents to Facilities Project Budget

Avon Grove School District Facilities

WEST GROVE, PA — At the April 11 Avon Grove School District (AGSD) Committee of the Whole budget work session, the Board of School Directors unanimously agreed that the maximum authorized cost for the facilities construction project is $127 million.

False information indicating that the facilities project will cost $269 million is circulating. This information was most likely derived from a hypothetical bond repayment schedule included in the bond parameters resolution that the school board passed in November 2018. The District would like to emphasize that the project is not going to cost $269 million, and the District is not going to borrow $139 million for this project.

School Board President Tracy Lisi addressed this misinformation printed in the Daily Local News on April 1, indicating that the “total cost of the project is expected to be well below the $127 million the Board has authorized as its maximum expenditure.” While the maximum expenditure is $127 million, there is currently no expectation that the cost of this project will be well below this figure. The District has asked the newspaper to print a correction.

Board policy states that it is the responsibility of the school board to clearly communicate the accurate budget to the community. The District has worked very hard to be as transparent as possible to ensure that every stakeholder is well informed regarding this District initiative. Avon Grove School District will continue to provide updates about the facilities construction project as we reach various benchmarks. For more information, visit

Source: Avon Grove School District

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